9 Treasured Skin Care Tips From AAPI Experts You Need To Know

Facial cupping helps to stimulate the acupuncture meridians and channels on the face,” says acupuncturist Paige Yang, L.Ac, DACM, doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and founder of Yang Face. “Facial cupping also brings qi and blood to the facial muscles, which can help stimulate collagen and elastin production.” And while she always recommends seeing a professional who is more familiar with the different meridians that run along the face, you can perform a similar routine at home to reap some of the benefits. 

After applying a facial oil on freshly cleansed skin, squeeze the soft silicone cup and suction it to your face, then use your free hand to hold the skin taut before sweeping upward with gentle strokes. “It does take some time to get the right amount of suction down,” Yang adds. Just keep the pressure featherlight and your pace slow and steady.

As Yang notes: “It’s important not to rush the process and be gentle on your delicate skin.” Additionally, she warns, you’ll want to avoid facial cupping on open sores, acne pustules, and sunburned skin, as dragging the suctioning tool can exacerbate the wounds. (See here for the full tutorial.)

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