I’m A Death Doula & Here’s What It Means To Grieve Mindfully

Mindfulness is one powerful way to relearn how to grieve. Not only is mindfulness a tool for living with loss, but it also has a lot in common with grief.

Grief, like mindfulness, is a practice. Think about how much effort it took the first time you ever sat down to meditate. You probably experienced significant distraction, self-judgement, discomfort, and the strong questioning of why you were there in the first place. This is similar of grief. 

Grief, like mindfulness, starts off requiring a lot from you. It is overwhelming, uncomfortable, and effortful. Though this ebbs and flows, both practices need tending through your entire life.

Grief, like mindfulness, is not something you accomplish or something you can complete. It is something that you build a long-term relationship with. At times it may feel like a hurricane, and other times, it will feel like a gentle spring breeze.

Grief, like mindfulness, takes participation. It requires presence, acceptance, and intention. 

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