What Is Gommage? We Explain Our Favorite French Exfoliating Method

Let me share an all-too-familiar scenario that continues to happen to me time and time again. I land upon a new skincare trend that’s taking over social media and the internet, do my research to make sure it’s not insane or dangerous and then I try it. Well, just when I become slightly obsessed with the said trend, it’s already come and gone and there’s a new one popping up on the horizon. And let’s not talk about how my previously 2-step skincare routine has tripled or, um, quadrupled, thanks to international beauty trends like K-beauty’s glass skin or double-cleansing. Yeah, internet pressure is a real thing. 

The latest trend that the internet has peer pressured me to dive into is gommage. Of course, it sounds alluring, just like any French word would. But apparently, it’s a kind-of-new skincare trend that people can’t stop talking about. Because after all if the French are obsessed, we should be too. So, I decided to tap two skincare experts to get the scoop on gommage and if it’s actually worth the hype. Keep reading to find out exactly what gommage is, who benefits most from it, and how to try the technique at home. 

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