Your Perfect Healthy Cocktail, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Responsibly enjoying a favorite cocktail is a great way to plan a celebratory evening at home. And that’s exactly how we’re ringing in 2021. Perhaps you’ll be gathering with friends and family online, or maybe it’ll just be you and your bubble at home—but picking a fun cocktail to make is a perfect way to make it a bit more celebratory, other than the traditional bottle of bubbly.

Turning to the zodiac for a bit of inspiration on our DIY at home cocktails is perfect, because in a year when there’s not many other ways to celebrate the cocktail can set the mood for our mini-festivities. Whether a passionate fire sign, a practical earth sign, a curious air sign, or an intuitive water sign, you’re likely to find your perfect better-for-you cocktail to ring in the new year.

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