How Ayurveda Helped Me Tweak My Diet To Regulate Digestion & Bloat

With my interest understandably piqued, I was happy to explore more of this ancient Indian system of medicine through Sahara Rose’s Ayurveda class, particularly when it came to approaching my diet.

One of the biggest takeaways I learned from Rose was the idea of digestion as energy; the more energy the body has to dedicate to digestion, the less energy it has for other things. Going back to smoothies versus stews situation, I realized the strain I was putting on my body by forcing it to warm up the cold foods and drinks I so often consumed. Now, I’ve grown to love room temperature water and warm teas.

Over the course of the class, we discussed how in Ayurveda, it’s actually recommended not to drink much during meals, as that will also negatively impact your digestive fire. I gave it a try, and it’s made a huge difference for such a small change. (Less gas and bloating. Win.)

Yes, I’ll still go for a smoothie here and there, but I’ve incorporated way more warm, easy-to-digest foods into my diet. Speaking of, Rose explained why soaking legumes is so important for digestion, and how to do it. As a primarily plant-based gal with a love for beans, this was incredibly helpful info, and has noticeably improved the uncomfortable gas issues I used to think were normal after eating legumes.

All in all, the same benefits I felt while eating Ayurvedic food during my training are now accessible to me through my own cooking, thanks to this class.

And along with how to approach diet, Rose also talks about the three doshas: vata, pitta, and kapha—plus how to keep them all in balance and practice self-care based on yours. With so many bases covered, this class gave me tons of helpful tools to use—and my body and spirit feel better for it.

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