Switch Up Your Look With One Of These 6 No-Fuss, Foolproof Hairstyles

Many use Labor Day Weekend to take their beauty look to new heights. Which, in past years, might mean experimenting with a tangerine lipstick or a loudmouth shade of fuchsia (if you’re clad in an all-white outfit, a pop of color can help your look stand out). But in 2020, this may not be so easy—especially under a mask at a socially distant BBQ. That doesn’t mean you can’t play around with beauty at all; it just means you might have to take a different route. May we suggest focusing on hairstyles for the time being? 

Hairstyles can certainly make a statement, but you don’t have to go reaching for at-home dye or attempt a DIY trim. Rather, for summer’s final hurrah (sob), try these low-lift styles: 

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