I’m A Gastroenterologist & This Is My Daily Gut Health Routine

Since I don’t eat breakfast, I make sure to pack plenty of nutrients into my lunch with one massive salad. 

Though salads can get a bad rap as boring bowls of leaves, I pack mine with nuts, seeds, and a wide range of veggies. The serving of vegetables most people try to eat in one day (four to five) I’m usually able to pack into just one meal. As the microbes in your gut begin to digest the fiber from these vegetables, it helps produce short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are critical for managing inflammation in the body and supporting overall health. 

More importantly than simply eating a salad is making the salad different every day. One day the base may be kale, and another day I may add extra leafy greens, cabbage, or shredded Brussels sprouts. Variety in the diet not only increases diversity of the gut microbiome, but the change of pace also helps mentally—no one wants to feel stuck in a rut.

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