This Mediterranean-Inspired Dish Uses Our Favorite Late-Summer Veggies

There’s a brief period between summer and fall when it seems that just about every fruit and vegetable is available in abundance at the farmers market. Although I’ve always struggled with the transition between seasons, this sweet truth has always made it more tolerable.

This stew-like dish celebrates the seasonal overlap when tomatoes are still ruby red; deep purple orbs of eggplant are taut and smooth; and dark, leafy greens arrive in bunches. It’s just the thing to make when the weather starts to turn and your cravings for cool, crisp salads are replaced by desire for warmer, spicier things.

If you’re the type who likes to squirrel away good things to uncover in the depths of winter, this is a wise one to double batch and freeze so you can reach for it when nothing but potatoes and onions seem to prevail.

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