9 Easy Slaw Recipes That’ll Be The Star Of Any Weekend Barbecue

Finding a perfect side dish for a barbecue might seem complicated, but the classics exist for a reason—and coleslaw is a classic. But an update on the standard recipe might be exactly what your late-summer barbecue is looking for.

A good way to still pack in nutrients, without making a salad, a slaw is a deceptively simple use of veggies. And while most recipes will begin with cabbage and carrots, plenty leave those ingredients behind in favor of superfoods like kale, beets, and even apples. It’s easy to find a recipe that will fit your tastes.

Not only that, but a slaw can be a multipurpose prep. It makes a perfect side for a barbecue or can be used as a topping for tacos or even as a fresh component for a grain bowl. You can make it in advance as a part of meal prep, and it makes a great option to bring to a weekend barbecue.

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