Preventing Alzheimer’s In Women May Start With This Hormone, Study Says

While the suggestion of hormone replacement for managing Alzheimer’s in women was a main part of the study, the researchers also presented a wider variety of possible risk factors in assessing women’s Alzheimer’s risk.

These factors include age, reproductive stage, hormone levels, and the interplay with other risk factors—which is in line with findings from previous studies.

“Recent epidemiological studies showed that two thirds of AD patients are women,” explains co-lead investigator Elena Tamagno, Ph.D., from Department of Neuroscience and Neuroscience Institute of Cavalieri Ottolenghi Foundation (NICO) at the University of Torino in Italy, “and this fact cannot be attributed only to their higher life expectancy. The loss of estradiol might be one of the factors leading to declining cognitive function in women.”

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